So here we are the final two weeks here at Streams Ministries Canada! It has been a great last semester and what a way to end the semester than to have John Paul Jackson come to visit us. Just last week, John Paul (the founder of Streams Ministries Canada) came to impart to all the interns. He visited for 3 days and during that time, he spoke to all the interns personally and spoke at Westwood Community Church. It was an amazing time of fellowship and teaching. First John Paul spoke to the interns about power and authority. And that authority is more important than power. We learned that you gain authority through a deep relationship with God. And he explained a bit about what that looks like. It is actually involving our submission to him and regular communication. It was awesome to have had the opportunity to ask him a few questions and hear his feedback. When John Paul spoke at Westwood Church, all us interns helped put the service together. It was an awesome event and we are looking forward to seeing what happens in the future! We are entering into some exciting times 🙂


So here we have arrived at last, the final month of our year. Just about as soon as the interns got back from the Spring Break we all packed up and headed up to Vernon, BC. From there all the interns attended the 101 course, and the church services there as well. The course went very well. Josh, Eric, Tyler and Erin took turns teaching sections. And throughout the service the interns had opportunities to prophecy and take part in the course activities. Everything went really smoothly, and even though the interns were really tired by the end, we were all strengthened and became a lot closer as a group. Vernon, BC has such a peaceful atmosphere – it was especially nice to just be out of the city for a while and to be with everyone in a different environment. The students at the course were very teachable and super friendly. It made our time there a lot easier because they were so accepting and hungry. All in all it was a very fun trip we’ll definitely be back there in the future!

Spring has officially sprung here in British Colombia and as time seems to be speeding up, things are getting busier! With only a month couple months left here at Streams Canada, we are anticipating an exciting end to a great year. Just a few days ago, Streams interns stayed overnight at the Long House in Tswassen BC to prepare the ground and atmosphere for the Isreal/Canada ceremony. We drove down in the afternoon after lunch, when we started our fast. And we drove back the next day at around the same time. So we fasted 24 hours and prayed and read scripture all night. Also Linda Prince came to speak to us interns about First Nations history in Canada and shared what God has been teaching her recently. Afterward, we all took part in a drum circle and worshiped God through dance and song. Overall the experiance was amazing and we definitely felt God’s presence and favor strongly in that place.

This morning the interns went out to the Westwood Community Church to hear Pastor Julio preach a message on union between the Jews and the Gentiles. It was a very timely word as people here at drawing closer to God, this message applies to lives individually as we become one with the spirit. It seems what God is doing in the world correlates to the things God is teaching us personally as well. We read through Ephesians and Julio spoke on generational healing and how we have so much potential and opportunity in these end times to take hold of our inheritance and overcome the strongholds. His message was very empowering and was definitely needed in this current season we’re in. God is doing some great things, and even though there are a lot of unknowns, trust in Him being strengthened as we contend as a school in Faith!

This past week here at Streams Canada, we had the 101 Art of Hearing God course over the weekend and then shortly after Rob and Katie Mazza came for a visit. The 101 course took place in our art studio on the drive and all the interns were present. Eric, Matthew, Chris and Erin all taught a few sections. It was good to go over the course again and get refreshed on the 101 material. Eric also wanted us to take note on how to teach the course if we ourselves were the teachers. It was a good to view the course from a different perspective.

Rob and Katie Mazza visited a few days ago to impart to us and hang out at the intern house. Rob Mazza shared some of his experiences at Burning Man and offered the opportunity for anyone interested to go some day. Rob also spoke to us about the Mother and Father blessings they do and how to do it ourselves. We had the opportunity to ask a few questions and Rob shared with us some of his personal insight into ministry and the ways of the spirit. He also talked to us about how to effectively minister to some one from a pure place of love so that one feels safe enough to let their guard down. He shared with us some excellent pointers for anyone interested in ministering to people who are broken and in need of God’s loving touch. He shared testimonies of how lives were changed from his experiance at Burning Man and encouraged us to go out and do the same with the gifts God has given us. On the last day, Rob taught a public class where he did a “poetry slam.” Rob shared some of his work and talked about God’s gift of creativity. Overall it was an excellent time and it was an honor to have Rob and Katie here as guests and to receive their impartation and blessings.

Hello everyone! As Streams Ministries Canada enters this new month of March we are in great expectation! As the sunshine brings it’s warmth, we are starting to see the fruit of things we’ve been pressing in for since the start of this year. Connections with More than 12 church on Victoria Drive, and Westwood Community Church in Coquitlam have strengthened as we become more established in this area. These past few weeks we have been attending this young adult gathering at Westwood called “Create” It’s an evening service where youth get together to worship God and learn more about Him. It’s been awesome to be a part of the community and to witness what God is doing in the lives of young people. Last week Tyler was asked to speak, and he chose the topic of dreaming and thinking creatively. We also had the opportunity to minister at More than 12 church where we set up dream teams and interpreted/prophesied to people. It’s been great to become more apart of other communities and establish deeper connections with people and churches. Soon we are going to be doing more street ministry and trying to reach the public here on the Drive. Once the weather gets warmer we’ll be on the street in no time changing the atmosphere and showing people the light and love of God 🙂

Campus week is approaching! Campus week is a time where people can come and live in our intern house for 7 days to see what it’s like. It’s a great opportunity to scope out the school, meet some amazing people and get a taste of what it’s like to live in a community of like-minded believers! Campus week is from April 4th to the 9th. Here are some testimonies from two of our students, Sarah and Josh. Both were previous campus week students from last year.

Having attended campus week in May, 2010 I had a small idea of what to expect when I decided to send my application to Streams Ministries Canada for the fall of 2010. Although it has been along the lines of what I had expected there are many things that I would not have thought would be a part of my first semester at Streams.

God has revealed to me how big He actually is. Whether it has been through the amazing teachings I have received, living in community, or the every day amazing personal God time, which I must say is not easy all the time, but is becoming something that I look forward to every day. I have learnt that trying to struggle through life on my own and carrying burdens that I am not meant to carry is no longer an option, not when I have the most amazing Father to walk through all my stuff along side me. Psalm 32:8 is a scripture that has walked with me through the difficult times “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” And every day it still encourages me in my walk.

~ Sarah Naude

Since coming to Streams God has been doing a lot of healing/restoration in my relationships with people, particularly between my parents and I.  There has been forgiveness (on both sides) for things of the past that had not been dealt with until recently.

Through this God allowed me to go home for Christmas last December, for the first time in 3 years.  I had planned to go to my Aunts house for Christmas.  Until I recieved an unexpected phone call from my mom, asking me if I would like to spend Christmas with my family this year.  I told her to ask rest of my family what they thought of the idea and get back to me.  My mother called me back the following morning telling me that the response she had gotten from my siblings was “that they would rather forfeit their presents to have me home, than keep their presents but have Christmas without me”.

Now my mom didn’t have the money (wich was around $1,000) to bring me home.  But she instructed me that she had already purchased my plane tickets, and was trusting that God would bring the money in!   No more than 4 days since I arrived home in Ontario, the money had already come in!  Some from close family friends, and some from the mortage company calling my parents and telling them that they could miss a few payments while they made some adjustments!   Needless to say I had a great Christmas with my family.

God is my provider, and He is the very best there is!!!

~ Joshua Wahl

So just last night all of us interns went to this young adult gathering called “Creation” at the Westwood Community Church. Stephen Sowerby, the assistant pastor preached a message on wounds of the heart and how they can affect us and how through God’s healing we can overcome the bondage it places on us. We started the night off in intercession where we prayed freedom and God’s presence into the atmosphere. Then from there we all joined in worship where God’s presence showed up in a might way! Stephen was saying that leading up to the evening, he felt that God was gonna do something big. It was great to see God’s love and passion so alive in the air and in the people. After the sermon, Stephen prophesied over the crowd including many of the interns. The words he gave were powerful and directly related to our destinies and the places God is calling us to individually. God’s presences is flowing in greater measures as we near 2012 and it’s exciting to be a part of what God is doing in young peoples lives. We’ll look forward to becoming more a part of what God is doing at the Westwood Church and to experience more of His goodness for us!

So here we are beginning our second semester here at Streams Canada. With Spring just around the corner, we are all highly anticipating the warm weather and new outreach adventures! Just a few weekends ago all the interns headed to The Ivanhoe Hotel in downtown Vancouver. It was a great opportunity to impart and connect with people. We attended their church service where we opened in worship and then prophesied. During worship, God’s presence was really tangible and it was easy to hear God’s voice. A few of the church members had some really good words for us too. Especially regarding young people and how we are being prepared and strengthened for what’s coming. Adam also shared a message on Forgiveness and what that looks like. Just a couple weekends ago we had our first street outreach which went really well. Even though we only had a handful of encounters it was a good first experience for the first years. And last week we went to this church just around the corner from us called “Gospel Sundays” for people who don’t like the regular churches. The atmosphere was very casual and the preacher was down to earth and spoke straight from his heart. We appreciated his honesty and willingness to be so open. The worship style was unique with electronic beats accompanied by rap solos. We will most likely be attending again and we are looking forward to building more connections with people in this area!

Recently at Streams Ministries Canada, the semester is coming to a close and all of us are highly anticipating the Christmas break. It has been a busy semester but we have grown in strength as a school and have established ourselves nicely in this new area. Commercial Drive is definitely a perfect fit for us this year. The first year interns have just recently finished up the 201 Dream course. The course was held at the studio where Tyler, Jamie and Josh all taught a section and each had a unique teaching style. Just this past weekend, the second years and leaders all participated in the Dream Lab class where we interpreted dreams from the Streams Dream Logger website. Josh Hoffert taught us a little at the beginning as well to give us a refresher on dream interpretation and how to understand metaphoric thinking. Also this past week, we had Kelly Steeper come to the house and give us a teaching on the tabernacle and how our bodies are “temples.” Afterward she prayed for each intern and gave us some much needed spiritual alignment. Overall it has been a great semester and what a better way to the end this season than with a Christmas party! Each intern made their own mask for the occasion in art class as it will be of a “masquerade” theme. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out! Happy Holidays everyone!

From November 11th to the 13th Streams Ministries held a conference at Pnuema church called “Fusion.” The conference was focused around God’s creativity and  expressing his freedom in worship and art. Josh Young and Kelly Steeper led worship through out and with their talents, we were able to cultivate an atmosphere where God’s presence could move freely. Joni Cooper taught a course on spiritual creativity and Trevor Haug taught a course focused on music. Josh, Kelly and Trevor taught one morning session, and then Josh spoke for the most part afterwards. The interns also set up teams and did some prophetic ministry. Overall the conference went very well, and through God’s creativity we were able to help people overcome the limitations and fears they placed on themselves and step into the fullness of God’s love.